We want you to get involved in the land issues today, whether you are a journalist, company, public official or farmer. Send us your views, or feature your credentials and get people talking. Our page is for people on the ground and in the office alike, from activists to the World Bank. Participate in the conversation and demonstrate your citizenship.

CSR21 is the result of years of on the ground experience in the commodities sector. What began as a desire for better communication between stakeholders emerged into our initiative, this site. Our aim is to give a visible, public and wide reaching platform to everyone involved in commodities and land use. We want the platform to be the centre of debate on land use and land citizenship, acting as an ongoing roundtable for all stakeholders.

Unlike other initiatives we do not focus on one issue such as transparency, environment or human rights. We are the initiative that brings all initiatives together; we host land specific news and opinion giving our readers the key information to respond on our site.We want everyone to be able to demonstrate their good practice, and we want thought leaders to lead that practice. We hope that you will find something for you here.


Commodities companies, NGOs, Ministers, CEOs, debt providers, infrastructure or service providers, risk analysts: CSR21 exists for you to join the conversation.

If you have a stance on land citizenship issues, we want to hear from you: email or phone us.


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Commodities companies and NGOs: CSR21 can build you a microsite to showcase your corporate citizenship to the world. Containing analysis, video and photo reportage, the microsite will be featured on the CSR21 homepage and can be linked to your corporate site. Our team will build a meaningful online presence that documents work on the ground, and manage ongoing updates and content production. Click here for an example.


Contact us for advice on deriving maximum benefit from promoting your work; best practice standards; and getting a meaningful, lasting, good value CSR programme up and running wherever you are.


Engage with the public and private sectors and get your ideas seen on CSR21. We can publish your decisions, post interviews and create a microsite for your policies. Show your transparency credentials and your commitment to development.

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