We believe that the best transparency is proactive

Promote your CSR efforts on our Microsites, which provide a user-friendly ‘blog’ style platform to demonstrate your social licence in action, to a wide readership. Our Microsites use the best reporting methods to communicate the community relations work being done by extractive companies.

On a standalone web page we use video, photos, interactive maps, case studies and up-to-date notice boards that provide readers with an accurate, engaging and current vision of the CSR done by extractive companies.

A Microsite can contain as much or as little content as the company can promote. This content can be gathered by your team, or by ours. Click here for our guidance document that explains how to put one together. A link to the Microsite can be placed on your company website. In addition, your Microsite is permanently featured as a tile on our page at CSR21.org, accessible to a wide audience. Click on one for an example.

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