Canada to go ahead with mandatory payment disclosure

Tuesday, 4 March, 2014

A very quick one here as we happily report another step in the road to universal transparency and ethical nirvana: as per this piece on CBC news, Canadian mining, oil and gas companies will be required to publicly report payments over $100,000.Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver is doing this in line with the Canadian federal government’s G8 commitment to ensuring mining companies disclose payments made to governments at home and abroad. The article is well worth a quick look and reports a statement by oliver to high level mining execs this week in some depth; it also examines the recent moves by the sector in Canada towards greater transparency, and some of the domestic political discussion surrounding this trend.As we touched on yesterday, the Canadian government is also expected to complete a five-year review of its corporate social responsibility strategy for the mining, oil and gas industry this month. There’ll be more to come: watch this space.ENDS